Google Goodies

January 10, 2006

Google have just released what they are describing as ‘A free collection of essential software’. ‘Google Pack’ includes no less than 13 applications, 9 of which are standard, 4 optional extras, although you can install just the ones you want.

Included in the pack is…

  • Google Earth – 3D Earth browser
  • Google Desktop – Desktop companion
  • Picasa – Photo organizer
  • Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer – Search toolbar
  • Google Pack Screensaver – Photo screensaver
  • Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar – Web browserMozilla Corporation
  • Ad-Aware SE Personal – Antispyware utilityLavasoft
  • Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition – Antivirus utility Symantec
  • Adobe Reader 7 – PDF readerAdobe Systems
  • Google Talk – Voice and IM application
  • RealPlayer – Media playerRealNetworks
  • GalleryPlayer HD Images – ImagesGalleryPlayer
  • Trillian – Instant messengerCerulean Studios

At the price Google are asking, who can complain, especially when you consider that there rreally are some ‘essentials’ in there such as the Anti Virus and Spyware offerings, along with must-have document viewer Adobe Reader.

For more info, and to install the pack, click here


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