Freezing iTunes – Can You Help?

January 15, 2006

I’m trying to help someone out who has owned an iPod mini 4gb for 5 months now, but still hasn’t got it working!

Initial problem was that iPod, when switched on displayed the folder and exclaimation icon. This was resolved by doing a firmware update and a restore (10/01/2006 release) which we had to do on another PC.

Following this, the iPod worked OK on a different machine. Original machine recognises iPod, but doesn’t load iTunes automatically. If we load iTunes before plugging in the iPod iTunes freezes – Unplugging the iPod releases the freeze.

We have deinstalled and reinstalled iTunes (v6.0.1.3) which didn’t help.

The same problem is apparent when I plug my 30gb 5G iPod into the original machine. (Which works AOK else where!

We’ve also tried removed all USB port drivers and let XP reinstall them – Didn’t help!

Other USB devices seem to work AOK. The PC is a Dell Dimension 3100 running Windows XP SP2.

If you got any ideas, please post a comment – I’m at a loss on this one, so any ideas at all will do nicely! 🙂


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