First 10k Race

June 8, 2006

Last Sunday (4th June 2006) I took part in the Poole Festival Of Running 10km race. Being my first race I was a little nervous, it didnt help when I turned up to find approx 1000 runners, a ‘proper’ start/finish gate complete with split lap timing clock and a whole host of other ‘official’ stuff.

Approx 20 minutes before the race I had a warm up jog with a friend who I run with from time to time. I followed this up with plenty of stretching whilst waiting at the start line sipping lucozade, stood there in my sun glasses, IPod playing my favourite trance tunes (Which I find great for running to!).

It was probably the hottest day of the year to date, which made it hard work. Still, all in all I really enjoyed the event. My previous 5km runs had timed at around 35-40 minutes, even so I managed to come in at 1:02:31, which I was really pleased with. The best time was 30:11:00, the guy actually ran past me at speed just as I finished my first lap, I could not believe he had finished!

Being my first race, what would I have done differently?

  • Not tied my laces up so tight (Probably because I was nervous) which made the bridge of my feet hurt the next day
  • Taken my friends advice to put some vaseline on the bits that rub (Use your imagination!) to stop sores developing
  • Got more sleep the night before
  • Arrived in time to relax, rather than rushing

So, roll on next June, hoping for sub 50 minutes by then, in the mean time I’m training for the New Forest Du-Athlon in October which is a 10km run, followed by a 30km cycle, then a final ‘give-it-your-last’ 5km run.


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