iPod Update Killed My Pod!!

June 11, 2006

On a hot sunny day, with Englands first world cup match starting at 2:30pm, and a few freinds due to turn up for a BBQ, I can think of a lot better things to do than sitting indoors trying to sort my iPod out.

You see, I needed my iPod to play music in the garden on, for some reason when I went to sync my music, I had this crazy idea that updating iTunes to the latest version may well improve things in some way. Maybe a bug fix or two, I might even get a little surprise and find a new feature some where! Naahh….stupid idea, cos after I updated, iTunes refused to talk to my iPod. It was recognised by my PC, but iTunes just didnt want to play.

Anyway, heres what happened over the next few hours (Grrrrr!)….

  1. Reset the iPod, this didn’t help
  2. As I installed the latest iTunes (v6.0.4.2) over the old version, I deinstalled this time, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted…Still nothing
  3. Downloaded the latest iPod software updater (10th January 2006), ran the update. Still no good.
  4. Decided it was time for drastic action, ran a restore from the update software, following which I rebooted the pod, apple logo appears…hard drive clicks…then BLINK, off it goes. Now I’m starting to get a bit fed up.
  5. Obviously the PC is not going to talk to the pod when its booting up or switched of, so I’m now thinking its properly broken, out comes the laptop, setup in the garden for the BBQ music. Not ideal, but it’ll do!
  6. Found out that I can get the updater to talk to my iPod by starting the iPod in ‘disk mode’.This is achieved by resetting it, then as soon as the Apple logo appears, you press and hold the select (middle) button along with the play/pause button.
  7. Great, seems the updater can talk to my Pod, and guess what, iTunes fired itself up and synched my tunes for me, fat lot of good that is at the moment as I can’t possibly play them cos the damn things just an expensive external hard drive at the moment!
  8. Decide to download an earlier updater and try that. Can’t find any earlier updates, end up with a later one (23/03/2006). This worked as far as it updated, but a reboot caused it again to show me the logo and switch off.

I’m now waiting for Apple to send me a box, in which I’m going to return the thing for repair, or hopefully replacement.

Luckily enough I’ve got a Sony Ericcson 900i Mobile phone with built in MP3 player. Only 512mb, but that’ll keep me going for now! 🙂


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