Share Point 2007 Overview

July 13, 2006

Yesterday I attended a 3 hour Microsoft Seminar covering Share Point 2007. I was very impressed, the new set of features, architecture and flexibility all point to Share Point 2007 being a mature, high quality product when it is released late this year.

Heres my notes from the seminar, some what mixed up and only bullet points, but it’ll certainly give you an idea of what to expect!


· Enhanced user interface offering more consistency
· Security trimmed interface
· Recycle Bin allowing easy restoration of documents, user and administrator configurable
· Project tasks lists, allows creation of online Gantt charts
· RSS Support
· Sub-Sites, meaning user stays within main site, retaining the main navigation options
· Quick Launch bar customisable online (No need for FrontPage)
· Security now much more granular – can be set at folder or even document level
· Share Point detects the browsing device and renders the display accordingly (e.g. for mobile devices, PDAs etc)

User Profiles

· Data can be imported from various sources, including: AD, LDAP, LOB ? Specific properties can be drawn from different specific sources. Possible to return data from SP to source. This is out of the box functionality for Active Directory.
· Property level security
· Social networking – User profile matching
· Different views can be set-up, which will render different views of the contact, depending on permissions (e.g. Manager might see all details, where as a person in a different department may only see basic details). This is administrator and user configurable
· When viewing another persons profile, shared elements are listed, such as if you have the same manager, work flow membership, shared colleagues.
· Share point will monitor user emails, and detect subjects – It will then recommend people sending emails that seem to match.
· Free/Busy status displayed – This is driven direct from Exchange

Search Engine

· Consistency between share point services search and SP server
· Ranking engine re written, allowing administrators to rank given documents/folders higher than others (e.g.This could be used to ensure that policy documents appear higher in search results than for example social/fun related documents).
· Search results available via RSS
· Administrator configurable ?Best Bets? can be used to ensure that user gets specific document(s) when searching for given words/phrases. These appear in a separate panel to the search results. (Similar to Google AdSense)
· Where multiple instances of a document appear in search results, the duplicate results are collapsed by default, the user can then choose to see the duplicate matches.
· People Search:
· Results sorted by social distance ? Colleagues appear top in the list
· A distinct list of property values are listed next to the people search results. E.g. If 2 web developers were in the search results, the job title ?Web Developer? would appear as a link. Clicking this link will list only people with that job title.

Content Management

· Navigation & Info Architecture separate from branding/design
· Content routing, review and approval
· Publishing schedules
· WYSIWYG browser based editor with built in spell checker
· Word documents translated to HTML
· Pre defined/customisable templates
· Layout can be changed without re-authoring content
· Possible to create a duplicate document site, which can have different settings ? The two (or more) sites will sync with each other.
· Links from site to site are managed automatically. E.g. If you link to a document which is later moved, the link will be fixed

Record Management

· ?Record Repository Site Template? ? Stores records in relevant place based on file plan
· Information policies ? e.g. all documents should be kept for 7 years, and then deleted/archived. · Holds ? Possible to pause information policy rules
· Records can be added via SP, Exchange (Outlook), 3rd party apps
· 5-10 mil document limit
· Auditing ? Down to read access level
· Expiration policies ? E.g. 3 years after creation, automatically begin automatic review work flow

Business Processes

· Info Path Now browser based
· User creation of online forms inc digital signing

Business Intelligence

· BI ?Dashboards?
· Dynamic KPI?s driven from SQL server, Excel, SP ? Any ODBC or Web Service data source
· Excel work books
· SQL Reporting server
· Administrator configurable report definitions
· KPI?s setup with thresholds, which then compare to the data source and give a clear indication of performance


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