SQL Server Reporting Services Error

August 1, 2006

I’ve just spent over 3 hours trying to install SQL 2000 Server Reporting Services, connecting to a remote SQL Server. During the install I had two problems which really held me up and took a while to work out.

The first one was returning an error that it could not connect to the SQL Server using account ‘(null)’ even though I had specified SA as the user with the correct password. Turns out that it actually needed administrative privilages to the remote machine, as during setup databases are created and IIS Virtual directories. I solved this problem by creating a domain account and adding this account to the local administrator groups on both boxes, following this the install ran Ok.

After spending 3 hours repeatedly installing and deinstalling reporting services, I finally got it working, but realised I had not paid enough attention to the install and had not documented it very well. As I am building some shiny new servers for a web farm, I decided to uninstall reporting services, and reinstall following a reboot, this time documenting as I went. I got to the point where the account used to connect to SQL server is entered, after this point, I had an error which said that the remote database versions were a different, so reporting services could not be used. After some thought and Googling, I solved this problem by deleting the databases that were created the first time round. Following this, everything installed fine!

Yep, its a really pain when something like this takes so long but, had it gone next-next-finish smoothly, I wouldnt have learnt half as much!

Hope this one helps someone out with similar problems! 🙂


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