Beaulieu Duathlon

October 24, 2006

Back in July, someone suggested that I should enter the Beaulieu Duathlon. Having completed a 10k run fairly recently, and done a fair amount of running and cycling since, I decided to give it a go – At the time it was 3 months away, so enough time to get some training in. Unfortunately, the training didn’t really happen! I was doing my usual runs (5-10k a week) as well as attending kick boxing class, and cycling to work 1-2 times a week, but I never really stepped this up, not really until 2 weeks before the event. My training proved to be (as I suspected) too little, too late!

Even so, I did complete the event (This is all I was aiming for – Any times was a bonus). Heres my times:

10km Run (Off road): 54m 51s
30km Cycle (Road): 1h 30m 34s
5km Run (Off road): 39m 24s

I was reasonably pleased with the 10km time, the Cycle was hard work – I really should have got alot more distance training in on the bike, plus I was using a Mountain bike, compared to the slick road bikes the other competitors used, which just seemed to fly past me! The final 5km was slow as by this time my right hip and left knee were hurting quite a bit.

All in all I really enjoyed the event, although I certainly think at the moment I’ll stick to the running events. Next call: ASICS Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon

And our freinds in Fleet – If you happen to chance across this post, we’ll see you there in March 2007…Probably before then too! 🙂


One Response to “Beaulieu Duathlon”

  1. steve said

    Simon, you did well to finish it, regardless of the times. Duathlons are tough events, even more so than triathlon as it is very demanding on the legs. At least with triathlon you get to warm up with a swim!
    Shame you not doing the duathlon in New Forest on 17th March. I shall be there for that one. Was disappointed to miss out on the Beaulieu, but hope to do it this year.

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