Saved myself £50 – By mistake!

December 7, 2006

I was in a well known home improvement store today, purchasing a new dining table and chairs. I had been told by a friend that the store offered a 10% discount to new home movers (we have just moved).

When we chose our table and chairs, at the check out, I asked for my 10% discount, presenting a letter from my solicitor as proof that we had moved. I was told that the store does not offer any such discount. I was sure that this wasn’t the case, so argued and asked the assistant to check, she called the manager over who explained to me that there was no such discount. I argued further, and advised him to contact his head office – I was damn sure the discount was available!
The store manager went off and called head office, returning 10 minutes later. By the time he had returned, I had remembered that I had in fact got the store names mixed up, and that the discount was actually available at a completely different store!

The manager explained to me that he had checked and there really was no such discount available. He then went on to offer us 10% discount anyway, as a geasture of good and to make up for the delay in finding out for us! £50 in the bank! Wheheeey! 🙂


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