Todays ½ Marathon Training

January 11, 2007

Today I decided to run into work, I had to leave home at 7:20am to do the 4.5km run so I was ready to start work at 8:00am. This is the first time I’ve run to work, and I chose the worst day possible – Strong winds and rain made it an interesting experience, and running with a full ruck sack made it harder work than I expected. Still, I managed to keep running most of the way, not bothering about the time. The run set me up for the day, I think the rain and wind woke me up, and it was a lot more enjoyable than the usual drive!

Lunchtime I did another run, approximately 3km around the lake near work with a friend. Enjoyable run, although I could certainly feel the effects of the morning run on my legs!

We followed the run with some kick boxing training – Just some kick/punch combos and blocks, then (perhaps foolishly!) did a little conditioning, taking light roundhouse kicks to the shins and thighs – Even though they were ‘light’ the pain was quite evident! I guess this was due to the running mainly, I’m thinking perhaps keep the running and conditioning separate from now on!


One Response to “Todays ½ Marathon Training”

  1. steve said

    Good going Si, and I know you felt the pain the day after!
    Easy does it. I would build up your endurance and aerobic fitness a bit more before doing two run workouts in a day. It’s doable, but not that often. Your body needs chance to recover. It’s slowly sinking in with me, and by shifting focus to recovery being a positive thing, you can just relax knowing that even small workouts are going to improve your overall fitness level.
    Keep it going!

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