Google Analytics – What is ‘Search [Organic]’

January 22, 2007

Over the last 3-4 months I’ve started using Google Analytics to track visits to my latest website project – (End of shameless plug!).

Ive been really pleased with Google analytics so far, the stats it provides are really very useful, although I feel I’m only making use of 50% or less of the reports – Simply due to lack of time on my part!

I’ve been puzzled lately about a referrer in the reports – ‘Search [Organic]. I noticed it in ‘marketing optimization > overall keyword conversion’, but I suspect its available in other reports. The other referrers made sense, such as ‘Google [Organic]’

I thought perhaps ‘Search [Organic]’ was some search engine that Google didn’t recognise, so used the generic sounding term ‘Search [Organic]’. I emailed Google support, heres their reply:

“Thank you for your email. I understand you would like to know why you see search[organic] in your reports. [organic] indicates visitors referred by an unpaid search engine listing. search[organic] means these visits came from the search engine ‘'”

Make sense now of course, although it would be nice to see the referrers linked to the sites, which would solve all such future queries. I have emailed this suggestion to Google, perhaps we’ll see it in the future version.

Incidentally, Google support replied just 18 hours after my email – Pretty good I’d say, especially for a free service!


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