Tai Chi – Week 2

January 26, 2007

Last night I completed the second weeks lesson in the twelve week course I am completing. Again, a very enjoyable session, during which we repeated the first weeks part of the sequence, then added on 4-5 more moves, including ‘Mirror Hands’ and ‘Double Hand Push’. I came away feeling a little lost, but I’m told thats to be expected!

Even though I faound some parts difficult to take in last night, I was able to complete the sequence to the point we are at this morning. I had to think each move but the flow felt quite natural. I was pleased to see one of the moves was in fact a block followed by a back fist, giving a direct link to my kick boxing training. I was really hoping for such cross over – Its seems the two will work quite well together!

As with anything, its only practise that will get me to the point of being able to complete the whole 7-8 minute sequence from beginning to end correctly, and without really thinking about it too much. Once I am at this point, running through this daily will hopefully become habit, this is when I expect the benefits to become clearer.


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