New Shoes?! New PB!!

January 30, 2007

Recently I have put efforts into sleeping and eating well, this combined with my super duper new Brooks Vapor 7 running shoes helped me beat my 10km PB (Personal Best) by 6 minutes! Not sure how much of that was down to the shoes, but they certainly helped. I have always suffered from hip and knee pain with distances of more than 5km, this time round – Nothing! Just a slight bit of burn in the thighs, which I am guessing means I am working the muscles better, rather than putting extra strain on the joints.

The knee and hip pain, I am told is due to ‘pronating’, where the feet ‘collapse’, causing an inward lean at the knee. This makes perfect sense, as Brooks Vapor 7 are stability shoes, compared to the worn out Nikes I had before. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Nikes, they were comfortable shoes, but well past there usable life, and not suited to my feet. I really had no idea that more suitable shoes could make that much difference to my running. Its too early to day, but I benefits in time, distance and comfort all seem to be on the horizon.

I bought the shoes from Running Free in Poole – I highly recommend these guys. Although I have only shopped in there twice, on both occasions they have proved to be very knowledgeable and keen to ensure that I make the right purchase. I was served my two different people, both of them runners themselves, which I guess explains the top service and enthusiasm!

Note: New 10km PB is 55m 50s


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