Todays Run

February 4, 2007

Today, as planned I did a 15km run, which is part of my ½ marathon training. I am now in the last month of training, so certainly time to pick up the distances. I did three laps of my favorite route, finishing with a time of 1hr 30min.

I wasn’t too worried about the time and took it quite easy being my first 15km run, although I was pleased with 1hr 30min as it looks like I may well be on course for a sub 2hr time at the actual event, which would be great!

I did approx 7km before slurping down a Blackcurrant flavour SIS gel. I haven’t used many types of energy gels, so cant really give you a comparison, although I will say that the SIS ones have done the trick on the few occasions I have used them, although I do find a get a bit gassy around 15 minutes after taking them, but I guess that is probably down to eating/drinking pretty much anything whilst running!

Following the run I had a pint of milk with protein powder (from – Cheapest place I have found with the least additives). I always try to get either lots of food down me following a run, or a protein shake – Normally within 30 minutes of the run to help recovery.


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