Ouch! No Running!…On to the cycling for now

March 3, 2007

Last weekend, I went for what was supposed to be one of the last training runs to prepare me for the Fleet Half Marathon on 11th March. Having trained quite hard for the past 3 months, I felt good, the times were coming down and the longer distances I was trying (10-15km) were not pushing me any where near my limit…I finished each run with some left in the tank, ready to carry on.

As luck would have it, during this run (which was after dark) I stepped into a dip in the road that I hadn’t seen. If you’ve ever missed a step when walking down stairs, or stepped off a pavement my mistake, you will know what I mean…only difference was that I was running at around 80% effort at the time…My leg straightened (I have long legs, so quite a long stride!) and my knee locked! I didn’t really think much of it at the time, because apart from some minor discomfort, I was able to finish the run.

The following day, I went out for a longer run (10km) but only managed 3km before I had to stop…The pain in my knee was unbearable! It starts just under the knee, and radiates down arund 3 inches. A couple of people have said its possibly the patella tendon, in which case RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) should help it. I have rested for three days, and it feels a little better, although the pain was only really evident when I run.

With the half marathon fast approaching, I decided to switch to cycling for now, just to keep my CV work up. Today I cycled just under 30 miles, doing a route from Poole to New Milton and back. Really enjoyed the ride, apart from the rain and wind on the way back, and of course the occasional idiot car driver. (I am a motorist too…It doesnt take much at all to pay attention whilst driving, and give (motor) cyclists a bit more room…We only have two wheels you see, so we are not quite as stable or predictable!)

So, heres hoping my knee recovers in time!


One Response to “Ouch! No Running!…On to the cycling for now”

  1. steve said

    Hey Si.
    Good lad for keeping going with the cycling, and keep it up for the half marathon. You can do it. Just concentrate on finishing. Don’t worry about times. Getting over that finishing line is the best thing you’ll ever do. Until the next one!!!

    See back in the madhouse next week. Enjoy your time off.

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