Running Websites

March 19, 2007

Simple…My top list of running related websites!

    My favourite running website! Very active forums, loads of well written articles, product reviews along with injury advice, event listings (Many of which you can enter online) and health/nutrition pages. (In case you were wondering, Yes, this is the website of the glossy magazine).

    A guide to running injury free. Provides preventative advice as well as basic treatment for a large variety of running related injuries, including recommended rest times.
    Note: If you have an injury, the best advice is to go see your Doctor!

  • www.MapMyRun.Com
    Enter your start location, then simply add ‘pins’ to map your route which you can then save to your account (Free) to share with others. You can of course search a list of routes other users have contributed.
    Lots of varied advice aimed at runners of all levels. Check out the podcast’s and the Power Song pages, where you can submit your running ‘Power Song’ and view a list of other peoples power songs!
    Excellent site covering various aspects of health and fitness. Check out the gym section for guides to various exercises.
  • (AKA ‘Sports Coach’)
    Pretty much every aspect of sports coaching advice you’re ever likely to need…and then some! Although the articles are of quite a technical level, they are very well written and easy to understand.
    Running, Sport, Nutrition, Healthy Living and Travel…That’ll do nicely!
    Unfortunatley, us runners do tend to pick up our share of injuries. This site is dedicated to running injury free. Theres some easily digestible information on all the common injuries, each one having a description, what causes it, how it effects running and some treatment ideas.
    Brings together the efforts of the top UK Road Races and Triathlons including the Flora London Marathon and BUPA Great North Run to provide excellent easy to digest information on medical issues related to running and triathlon.

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