Weekend Long Run

March 27, 2007

On Sunday I did my first weekend long run, which is part of my now full London marathon 2008 training – Yep, I hear ya, its over a year away! I thought as I like running so much, I may as well have a goal to work towards, so fitting in a Marathon training plan of sorts kind of made sense. Its only a loose plan for now, but as the months progress I will formalize this a little. My plan, for the time being is 1 long run at the weekend, which is currently 10 miles, one fast run of 5km during the week, probably on a lunch break and one 5km hill work session on a week day evening.

Sunday was actually quite hard work, being the first long run I have done since the Fleet Half Marathon. I managed just under 10 miles in 1hr 56, although I should add that I walked a good mile of that due to knee pain. The knee pains started for me when I started doing hill work, although as the pain never lasts after the run, I am pretty convinced this is simply due to me being a little too keen to get running and not warming up or stretching enough…or more to the point not warming down.

The run on Sunday took me down to Sandbanks from home, along Sandbanks itself doing a route around the Peninsular and back again before doing the final 3km or so home. This makes for a really nice run in the warmer weather when the sun is out, and excellent for conditioning when its a little colder due to the winds and sea spray which can be quite refreshing! My recovery from the run was alot slower than I expected, but then I haven’t been sleeping as much as I should lately, so I probably have myself to blame!


4 Responses to “Weekend Long Run”

  1. robert said

    Hello Mr DotNetSi

    I’ve just completed a 10K race today (http://tinyurl.com/28oodd) and I really enjoyed it. I plan to run the great north run in october, but want to either run the Edinburgh or London Marathons (or perhaps both?) in 2008. Have you any idea when you can apply for the 2008 London Marathon? I’ll be reading your running training posts with interest at it seems that you are at about the same level of fitness as me!


    PS loved the ASICS Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon piccy. You looked as knacked as me at about 11:00am this morning as I crawled over the finish line 🙂

  2. DotNetSi said

    Hi Rob, well done on completing the 10km! I’ll be doing the Poole 10km in June – Love that one! I believe you can apply for the London via the entry form in the London Marathon magazine, which is available in Sports shops such as JJB. SweatShop etc (Freebie!). I am trying for a charity entry (Golden Bond place) – You need to raise around £2k though! The mag is out early summer, I understand that you should hear if you are successful or not Late November/early December. Good luck! 😉

  3. robert said

    Thanks for the info. I’ll be applying no doubt. £2K wow!! Can’t think of how to raise this level of sponsorship?? I came across this link (http://tinyurl.com/2296xy) which after reading it made me realise that my technique is poor:

    “All accomplished and elite runners run on the balls of their feet. The heel doesn’t touch the ground.”

    Well, at least I’m not as bad as this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73Db6i_SEu4


  4. steve said

    Knee pain. 2 most important things to warm up and stretch off regular – hamstrings and IT Bands( long tendons down side of quads). Tight hamstrings don’t allow the knees to flex as they should, and you will notice this more on the downhill stuff. Generally if knee pain is at the front of the kneecap, or inside, would point to hamstrings more.
    If IT Bands are tight then this can cause pain on the outside of the knee. Also, if you strike heel first hard when running it can cause problems over time. Try and make sure you strike the floor with all of the foot, and not heel first(if you aren’t doing already).
    Also keep upper body nice and relaxed because any tension in top half of body can really upset the lower half!
    Other than that, best advice I can give is to not up the mileage too quick. ie. not too much too soon. and long runs, keep them long and slow until you build up your base level of fitness. Joints and tendons and ligaments take longer to adjust to running than muscles.

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