Strength Training…For now

April 8, 2007

I recently read an article in runners world that covered the reasons why long distance runners need to do weight training. In a nutshell, this was basically down to injury prevention – Being too skinny means there is not enough there to take the impact. So, gaining a little bulk should help prevent the common knee, hip and back injuries associated with running.

I am currently working out three times a week, for an hour a time, doing 10 reps x 3 sets, concentrating on thighs, calfs, back and shoulders. Once I have gained some weight (Perhaps a stone or so…Havent really thought about that bit yet!) I will drop to two sessions a week, and up the running again. There is also the added benefit of having a better posture…with some muscle there to hold the bones in place!


One Response to “Strength Training…For now”

  1. robert said

    Hi (again): you may be interested in this link ( The exercises here look easy, but take it from me they aren’t. I suffered from sore knees for a while and after doing these routines a few times a week the problem went away. I also tried glucosamine but found it of no benefit.


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