RNLI 10km Lymington Fun Run

May 14, 2007

On Sunday (13/05) I ran the RNLI 10km Lymington Fun Run along with the other 520 runners who turned up to brave the elements. The forecast was for rain and some wind, thankfully the Wind dies down a bit (Had a great time power kiting Saturday!) although the rain did its best to keep us all cool during the run!

I actually bothered to prepare properly for this race, unlike most of the past events I have entered (Although I have made an effort, I’ve not really taken them too seriously!). Why? Recently my times have been improving less, which to me means I am reaching a bit of a plateau…time to cool off the training? Naahh…time to get my arse into gear, start eating and sleeping properly and training harder! :o)

I arrived with plenty of time to spare to get myself ready in a relaxed manner, and make last minute adjustments, like putting on a warmer running top (Not a warm day!). I spent around 15 minutes on a slow run around before downing a SIS Energy gel and around 250ml of water.

The race kicked off at 10am sharp – As always I found the start really enjoyable – Its quite a rush running with such a large group of people, even if it is only for a few minutes until the crowd naturally breaks up into the various speeds.

I tried hard to pace myself, something that I normally struggle with – I just want to run faster! Looking at my Nike Plus graph, my pacing was spot on, averaging around 5min per KM. This is the first race I have used my Nike Plus for, and although the distance was not 100% accurate, I did find the pacing info useful.

The race went from Lymington Health and Leisure centre, down some country lanes before joining the sea. We ran along the sea wall and beach before heading back inland along the marshes before going round more country lanes and finally into Woodside park for the final km which was pretty much uphill right to the finish line.

The amount of off-road on this race took me by suprise, and I am feeling it in my ankles today! Overall I am really glad I put the effort in – My time was 49m 22s *, which is a great improvement over my previous personal best of 1hr 2min for a 10km race (Poole Bay 10km, June 2006).

Best bit by far was the cuppa and mars bar at the end…and of course the finishers medal, which are always nice to get as a keep sake.

I’m now really looking forward to the 2007 Poole Bay 10km, which is on June 3rd – 3 weeks away! Still time to get some training in, aiming for a time of 45 minutes, which should be achievable – The course is flatter and less exposed than the Lymington 10km, with 100% of it on concrete, which I am much more used to running on.

* Thats the time I saw on the clock as I past the finish line…Still waiting for the official verdict!

Update! Official results out…
Time: 49.25
Overall Position: 137/415
Age Group Position: 41/85

Well pleased! :o)


2 Responses to “RNLI 10km Lymington Fun Run”

  1. steve said

    Excellent!! Welll done Si, great time for this 10k, just goes to show that training does really work!
    Keep it up and I’ll see you on the start line on 3rd June! Poole 10k here we come.

  2. robert said

    Yo Si!

    Well done on the race!! I’m running a 10K on 23/05 and like yourself I’ve actually trained for this one. My main change was to run at least three times/week in short 40-60 minute bursts, really pushing myself, as opposed to running for 90-120 minutes once a week. Hopefully, this will pay off?

    I’ve considered using some Energy Gels – how did you find them? Any good? I’ve also considered using Nike Plus but have heard it has a high error +/- rate? Is this true?

    Roll on the Great North Run …

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