Poole Festival of Running 2007 – 10km

June 3, 2007

Today I ran the Poole Festival of Running 10km. The Weather forecast was warm, although rain was expected – The rain didn’t come unfortunately, making this years race almost as hot as last years.

I started off well, keeping up a pace of around 4:30 per kilometer, which would have set me up nicely for my target of 45 minutes. However, I think this was perhaps a little over ambitious, as around the 6km mark I had to slow down a little – I could feel the heat was getting too much, and sure enough by the 7km mark I was starting to feel dizzy! I decided to take a break at this point and walk for 60 seconds, which gave me a little time to cool down before setting off again at a much slower pace.

I had planned not to make use of the water stations (In theory for a 10km race, which I knew would take me not more than an hour I should not need the water, having well hydrated the day before). However I was simply too hot not to drink – I poured ½ the cup over my head at each of the three water stations, which helped a little.

I managed a 30 second sprint on the final stretch to the finish line before completing the race in 53 minutes 44 seconds which I was pleased with, even though its not a *personal best or within my target time of 45 minutes.

* My PB for 10km is 49minutes (Off road)


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