Long Run – Hydration Test! (Start of Marathon Training!)

June 10, 2007

Today I did my weekly long run (They have not exactly been ‘weekly’ events lately due to various things going on!). I ran from home taking a route along Sandbanks of 5 miles then ran the return trip totalling 10 miles.

I have read recently that you should in theory weigh the same after a run as when you set off, which would mean you are taking on enough water to compensate for loss during the run.

I drank 1 pint of water 2 hours before, weighed myself directly before I left, drank ½ pint on the run (Just so happens that my current running bottle holds this amount) and weighed myself as soon as I got back.

Weight before: 76.2kg
Weight after: 73kg

Thats a loss of over 3kg!! Surprised me alot – I expected to lose some weight, but not that much!!

I will be investing in a ‘Camel Back’ for the longer runs (Ruck sack that holds water with a feeder tube at the front). I just can’t stand carrying more than 1 bottle, or a larger bottle – It interferes with the running too much.

This may sound fussy, but carrying something means there must be some amount of grip applied, which translates to fore arm muscle use, not alot, but doing that the duration of a 10 mile run will make some difference!

After todays little experiment, I am going to try doubling my water intake over long distances (10km+) I will post here next time I try this.


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