New Forest 10 Mile

June 29, 2007

Next Sunday I am entering the New Forest 10 mile road and track race which is being run by New Forest Runners. This will be my first 10 mile race, so pacing and timing will be interesting.

Based on my 10km off road PB of 49 minutes, and my recent 12 mile run of 2hr 3 min, I am looking for a time faster than 1hr 30min, which means running at a rate faster than 9 minute miles which I feel is very achievable for me right now. I will post with result (And hopefully photos) as soon as I have them.


One Response to “New Forest 10 Mile”

  1. steve said

    Good luck for Sunday. Don’t worry about time too much at this stage, just get one under your belt.
    For pacing try and ease yourself into the run for the first couple of miles, and then go steady and see what you got left for the last couple. Let the nutters go off first and you will definitely pick em off later!!

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