Lunchtime Run

July 5, 2007

Had a reasonably gentle lunch time run today, sticking to the grass as much as possible on my normal 5km route, just to minimize the impact to obtain a speedy recovery ready for Sundays race (New Forest 10m).

I had to stop about 1.5km in as I had some pain in my right calf and shin, after a quick stretch, I carried on at a more relaxed pace. Not quite sure why I had this (Felt like cramp which I rarely suffer from) as I did my normal warm up and pre-run stretch. Possibly running too much, too soon – I have picked up the frequency quite a bit recently.

After the run I had a good long warm down with some deep stretching. The stretching is more about flexibility for kick boxing, but it certainly feels good after a run, and is important in terms of injury avoidance. Some amount of flexibility is (IMHO) good for running too as it gives that ‘springy’ power!

I’ll be doing a gentle 20 min run Saturday (As recommended by Steve!) before Sundays race. Looking like ideal conditions – We’ve had all the rain of a typical English Summer lately, although it is starting to dry out, I hear the course is ‘soft’ rather than muddy (Sounds good!) and the Weather is looking ideal for running – No rain, and a temperature of around 19°C which means the Ronhill running top and Nike Dry Fit shorts for me.


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