Decent iTunes alternative…Finally!

July 6, 2007

I am sick of iTunes! It drives me nuts! I find it over complicated, clunky, horrible interface and generally not user friendly. I should admit at this point that I have never bothered to read the iTunes help, but then I rarely have to do that with anything, I’m a tech guy, I get on with technology…It shouldn’t be a pain for me to copy tunes to and from my MP3 player!

I know I am not alone on this one, I have seen plenty of blogs and websites with people moaning about iTunes. So, I Googled ‘iTunes alternative’, after following a few links I ended up on the website of a guy called Jeff, who has developed a tidy piece of software he calls ‘SharePod’

The home page for SharePod starts off ‘Ever wanted to use your iPod like a USB stick’…”Yes!” I thought. (In fact thats exactly how I expected iPods to work before I got one!)

Within 10 minutes of downloading SharePod I had copied 1.8gb of tunes onto my iPod – Great! I was pleased to see it is a .Net v2.0 app, and even more pleased to see that you can actually run it from your iPod*. What does this mean? Well, bascially, any where you have your iPod and sync cable, you can copy tunes to and from your iPod – No need to install and configure iTunes!

….Great, iTunes uninstall has completed! :o)

* Your iPod needs to be in disk mode which, incidentally allows you to use your iPod as a storage device – Like an external hard/flash drive – Very handy!


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