New Forest 10 Mile

July 8, 2007

Wow! What a great race! After preparing properly for this one (Lots of sleep, water and carbs!) I was up and on the road at 9:30, family in tow to arrive at 10:30 in time for a decent warm up and stretch before the start at 11:15

I started off at around 8:20 p/mile. I slowed down after 1 mile due to some left shin pain, which made me a bit nervous – I’ve been suffering with shin/ankle pain lately, and thought I was in trouble…Surely not the first race I have to drop out of?!

I carried on at around 8:50 p/mile for the next couple of miles, which thankfully were trail/grass – This helped with the shin pain, as did a slight readjustment of running style, keeping my feet closer to the ground and pushing the legs forward more, rather than kicking them back (Probably only makes sense if you see it happen!).

I then picked up to around 8:10 p/mile, which surprisingly turned out to be quite a comfortable pace. I kept this up to around 6 miles in, when I started slowing a bit, then speeding up again to compensate for the drop – I knew if I was to hit my target of 1hr 30 min I would have to keep below 9 min miles – I never dropped below this, but pushed myself to keep closer to 8:20 per mile, just to give a bit of movement for the last 2 miles, in case I ran out of fuel!

At around 8 miles in I really picked up the pace – probably too much as I ended up gasping for about ½ mile (Literally…Gasping for air!), until I reached the last mile, did a quick check on my iPod Nike Plus and realized I was well on time so slowed down a little – Although the pace was great at that point, the distinct lack of oxygen was not fun!

I turned the corner off the trails onto grass and the finish came into sight – From that point I managed to pick up speed lots, almost to my sprint rate passing the line at 1:26:21 (Chip time) which I was really pleased with, coming in 412 out of 840 runners.

I will be doing this race again next year – The organization was top, as was the marshaling and crowd support. Thanks to anyone involved in this one!!


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