Friday Lunch Time Run

July 14, 2007

Did the usual 5km route around Poole bay, Baiter park and White cliff Friday lunch time – Twice, making 10km. I don’t normally do much more than 5km on lunch times as I found it makes me too tired for a decent afternoons work, this one was no different – I was very tired for a good hour or so afterwards, so think I ‘ll stick to 5km tempo runs at lunch time.

Photo above shows Baiter Park where I normally run.
I consider myself lucky to have decent scenic courses so nearby!

It was a rather humid day, and I am stil suffering with what I think is shin splints, also I did push it a bit more than normal for a lunch time run, completing 6.65 miles (10.7km) in 57:22.

From this point on I will be fitting in a 10km run on a weekday evening, with a 5km run during the week, and a long run (10m + on Sundays). Quite where I will fit in the speed and hill work, along with cross training (Cycling) and weight training, I do not know!

I am hoping for a time of 3:30 or less in the 2008 Flora London Marathon, but feel I wont get enough training in to reach this target – That said, my times are coming down, so we shall see!


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