Everton 10km….Oh Dear!!

August 21, 2007

Last Sunday I was due to compete in the Everton 10km race (Everton is in Hampshire between New Milton and Lymington). Having had a natural break in my running for 2 weeks following inless, I felt well rested, carb”d up, hydrated and generally raring to go.

I was not expecting anything amazing…certainly not in PB condition, but this was going to be the one to get me back into a routine…Not to be!! I arrived 2 minutes late, missing the start! Totally my fault, I simply didnt allow enough time for the journey!

So, rather than go home fed up I thought I’d venture into the nearby New Forest for a relaxed 10 miles. After getting completely soaked and covered in mud (The ground was still saturated following the recent heavy rains), I got about 6 miles in and had to stop due to nasty ‘orrible back pain…Not exactly severe, but enough to make me walk the 2 miles back to the car, which I struggled to get into due to the pain.

2 days on the back is slightly better, so probably just tense muscles, who knows? I am of course laying off the running for now, instead going swimming which seems to be helping.

Hopefully will commence running again late part of next week.

Oh well…time for more rest! 🙂


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