Weekend Long Run

September 15, 2007

Had a great 15km run today which tool me into Poole town, round the 5km Poole bay route then back home. The distance was actually 9.39 miles, which I ran in 1 hour 25 min, averaging 9:04 per mile which was pleased with as I felt relaxed and fresh throughout the run, apart from a bit of struggle on a couple of hills. I was well hydrated, fed and rested before the run – Sounds obvious but I know for a fact I am not drinking enough water or sleeping enough right now – Something I intend to fix during the next few weeks.

Recovery was not too bad – A decent stretch out followed by a Bannana For Goodness Shakes, which I recommend! 🙂 My recovery times are coming down slowly – I think I lost a fair bit of fitness during my 6 weeks off training, but this of course is something thats not easy to measure.

I am making good progress on keeping my posture correct on the longer runs, which in turn is helping with the mental side (Just seems to give me a bit of a confidence boost!) I have started to use visualisation recently to help keep me going through the tougher bits of a longer run. I cant say I need them at this stage, but when I commence the long runs (20 Milers!) for the London Marathon training, they will surely come into play!

Todays run follows Thursday 7km lunchtime run, which was supposed to be a gentle one, but ended up at quite a pace…sprinting for the last 100 meters or so!

Happy to say I am on track with my Hell Runner training. Seven weeks to go, although I am thinking I might up the distances on the longer runs (Currently set at 15km), depending on how I feel.


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