GRIM Challenge 2007

December 5, 2007

On Sunday myself and a couple of friends from work took part in ‘GRIM Challenge‘ which is an 8 mile trail race through army training grounds in Aldershot…and man was it GRIM! The weather was aweful – cold, windy and raining! Having braved the weather to quickly get changed we sat back in the car until 10 minutes before the start (10:30am) when we jogged down the start point to warm up and stretch out (SHeltering under some trees).

As we joined the 1377 other runners at the start, the atmosphere built up…as much as it could with the cold wind heading our way! We set off around a gravel track with plenty of small puddles which after around 2 miles went up a muddy hill, then onto more gravel track which quickly moved onto lots of small muddy hills with deep puddles inbetween each. There were 4 deep water sections to get through, and a couple of cargo nets to climb under, one of which really threw me as I climbed out of it and set off fast, only to find I was rapidly descending a steep (but short) hill, ankle deep in very sticky mud!

All in all this was a very enjoyable race, one which I would probably do again. I actually think the rough weather added to the fun, because there was no choice about getting wet and muddy – Basically everyone got stuck in and enjoyed every minute!

I finished with a time of 1:18:53. Although I have no idea on how well I did personally, this did put me in position 547 out of 1378 runners which I was pleased with.

The next race I am booked up for is the Fleet Half Marathon in March, following which I will be doing the Poole 10km (For the 3rd time!), although I hope to do a min-adventure race sometime in March too, which will involve running, moutain biking and kayaking…should be fun! :o)


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