Cuil Search Engine – Google Beater?

July 28, 2008

Touting itself as having 3 times as many pages indexed than Google, and 10 times as many as Microsoft, Cuil is a new search engine which looks to have the potential to provide some real competition for Google.

Having been ‘online’ for 14 years now (My modem’s smoking and I drink lots of Coffee) I’ve seen many, many search engines. These days I use Google most of the time, with the occasional search on Yahoo or MSN.

I didn’t really expect anything exciting from Cuil, having seen so many search engines although happy to say it does seem to offer a somewhat different user experience – First of all the results are layed out in a 3 column grid (which can be changed to 2 column) making good use of screen space. The next difference is an image for most results, which is actually quite a useful way of quickly deciding what result to click on – although I did notice at least two results with images that were totally unrelated to the page it referenced – one of which was a .deb file indexed from an FTP server, which had an image of a blonde female! Odd…Perhaps an out of date index? What else did I notice…well, its painfully slow to use right now, and I also spotted a result on page one of a search that also appeared on page 2.

Ok, its a new site, but for this to be a Google beater they really need to sort the teething problems out, and fast.


One Response to “Cuil Search Engine – Google Beater?”

  1. DotNetSi said

    Ok, so it seems I’m not the only one not 100% happy with Cuil, check out what The Register have to say:

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