The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft

April 14, 2009

I like street art. I’ll confess t, I don’t understand most of it. Fortunatley, I dont need to.

Have a look at Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft. This is a group of people who have recognised the distinct cultural history of Stokes Croft, a part of Bristol, South West England and decided to make it ‘the World’s Biggest Outdoor Art Gallery’ – What a brilliant idea.

It was this site that inspired me to design a murial for my garage wall. Ok, it faces my garden, so it won’t be seen by the masses and I probably won’t make any moving political statements, but it’ll certainly be better than the magnolia 15′ x 6′ slab I currently get to stare at! I’ll be posting photos when I get round to painting something – Which WILL be this summer – Note the committment there, I event used capitals for WILL, seeing as my plans to do this last summer went to waste!

And now, off at a completley random tangent, whilst browsing PRSC, I checked out the artist profiles, one being Chris Chalkley. It seems that Chris runs ‘Mighty Banana’ (based in Stokes Croft) who made my brilliant set of Poi’s that I purchased in the tribal shop in Torquay, Devon. So far they’ve provided many hours of plain, simple fun and relaxation – I’d recommend anyone to give them a go!

Update: For further info on PRSC, check out


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