First Full Marathon…Here we go!

May 16, 2009

I’ve finally got my run back – After 18 months or so with very little running (may be a lazy 2 miler once a week) I am now back to running 3 times a week as a minimum. I’m pushing the distance up gradually, taking it easy on the longer runs. After 3 failed attempts at getting back to running, I am happy to say I am now enjoying most runs.

I just cant pin down the reason. It’s either because I’ve accepted that after 18 months off my fitness stamina levels have dropped significantly, so have lowered my expectations a little (No more going out expecting to achieve my previous times/distances, resulting only in one angry, tired, achey runner!) or because the Suns finally starting to show itself – Which always makes for happier running!

So, after a few weeks of enjoyable running, I watched (with some envy) the 30,000 or so people running the London Marathon – I decided then it was time to up my game and train for a marathon. Being ignorant to the fact that the 2010 London entry system was an online ballot only, I completely missed the window for entering – The ballot places were all taken within 3 days! Whilst I would like to run a charity place, I really dont think I would have the time to gather the sponsership required – Most charities require a minimum of £2000 and last year there were rumors of small claims court being involved where this was not reached!

What to do? Well, having run the New Forest Half Marathon twice before, and knowing what a lovely, well organised race it is, I have decided to enter the full marathon this year – All being well, I ‘ll be joining 599 other runners on September 27th to run around the New Forest in Hampshire with the horses and cows, admiring the fantastic scenery and hopefully not for more than my target of 4 hours!

For now though, my concentration is on the Poole 10km (Part of the Poole Festival of Running hosted and expertly run by Poole Runners). This will be the fourth time I’ve entered, and I’m hoping to beat my personal best of 50m34s

Other races I have planned so far this season include the Blandford Bridges Run and the AECC Dashback, both 10km races. I need to find some half marathon/10 mile events also.


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