Berlin Marathon 2010 – The Start

January 10, 2010

Berlin Marathon 2010I’ve got my place in the Berlin Marathon! Hotel booked, flights booked – All very exciting! We’ll be flying from Gatwick on 24th September arriving early as we’re hoping to squeeze in some sight seeing and shopping! We’ve got 3 nights booked, with the Marathon itself taking place on Sunday 26th September.

I’m going to blog regularly on my training progress, please drop me a comment if you too are running, especially anyone from the UK – In particular, Dorset!

As of today, Sunday 10th January 2010, I have 257 days to train. Although I have a reasonable base to build on, I have not trained much over the last few months. My longest distance to date is a half marathon (13.1 miles/21.08km) so I’ve got some work to do.

I expect I’ll be able to get up to running 10 miles within a few weeks, but getting beyond that will need some hard work.

Training started today with a 2 mile warm up, it felt good, apart from the icy paths which proved to be rather dangerous, hence the short distance.

I’ve not decided as yet if I’m going to stick to a schedule or not – I may just run as and when I feel like it which in the past has proved successful for me, although this might be a risky move for Marathon training. If I do work out a training schedule, it will include a nutrition plan of sorts – I tend to lose weight too fast when I train lots, which also means some form of cross training will be required, probably a light set of weights twice a week plus some cycling and keeping up with kick boxing too.

So – Lots of hard work ahead…I’m very excited to have a place in one of the ‘World Majors’ – Running a race with 39,999 other people will no doubt feel great.



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