Training Started!

May 25, 2010

Monday 10th May saw the beginning of my ‘official’ Berlin Marathon training. I’ve been looking forward to getting stuck in for some time now, and was happy for a while that the pre-schedule warm up training was done (e.g I had managed to get myself fit enough to run an hour without stopping, having really laid off the running for some months!)

My schedule is spread over 20 weeks, with this basic pattern:

  • Monday: Short, Fast run. 2-3 Miles as fast as possible.
  • Tuesday: Cross training, 9.5 mile cycle x 2 at around 60% effort
  • Wednesday: Tempo run, 4-6 miles
  • Thursday: Cross training, kick boxing (Kick boxing has to be done anyway, so I may as well count it as a X-Training session!)
  • Friday: Tempo run, 4-6 miles
  • Saturday: Rest + Light upper body weight session
  • Sunday: Long slow run, starts at 6 miles, works up to 22 miles

The actual distances vary considerably throughout the schedule with a gradual increase in mileage of around 10% per week, with allowances for recovery time, e.g: Shorter Sunday run on a week between 3-4 heavier weeks, and also drop on the Monday run after longer Sunday sessions.

At the time of writing this I am into the 3rd week of training. I’m already feeling generally fitter and feel like my running is stronger. I’m glad that I opted for a 20 week plan – September still seems a long way off but its a bit of a shock when I think that over 10% of my training is complete already!

Looking forward to tomorrows run and to putting another tick on the schedule!


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