Samsung Galaxy S2 – ADB Device Driver

July 19, 2011

I’ve just found a solution to a problem that I’ve spent the best part of three evenings working on – Getng the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) working for my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100).

Heres what I to finally get this working:

  1. Disconnected my phone from USB
  2. Using USBDeview, I deinstalled all previously installed drivers relating to the phone (Careful here!)
  3. Installed Samsung Kies, and loaded it
  4. From Samsung Kies, I selected Tools > Install Driver (This step took a while, and it seemed like it had stalled – Be patient!)
  5. Connected my phone to USB
  6. The devices installed – Windows then gave me an error regarding missing drivers, however, when I checked device manager, I could see ‘Samsung Android Phone’ under which was ‘Samsung Android ADB Device’
  7. I then ran ‘adb.exe devices’ (From a command prompt – adb.exe lives in the android-sdk folder) – This listed my device! Hoorah!

Whats this all about then?
Well, in the main, its about Android app development. Whilst it is possible to develop apps using an emulator, you can also develop and debug using a hardware device (i.e. a Real phone). In order to do this, ADB (Android Debug Bridge) needs to be able to see the device. It seems alot of people have problems getting this working, so hopefully this will be helpful. If so, please drop me a comment!


43 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S2 – ADB Device Driver”

  1. Wonderful !

    It works perfectly, thanks a lot, I’ve spent a couple of hours myself on this.

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Cant get to work missing driver for samsung android adb interface can’t find reason

  3. Did you follow the steps in my post?

  4. joker said

    Yay, it worked!
    After a whole nigth of frustration… You’re my hero, really 😉

  5. token said

    Just to confirm: it works great on my win7 32b.

    According to your post you just saved me two evenings 😉 Thanks for that !

  6. Adam said

    Brilliant. I’d been struggling for a couple of hours trying to find the right driver from Samsung’s website with no luck at all and this worked perfectly. Thanks.

  7. ronen said

    tnx alot naturalprogression !
    its worked like a magic

    i already tried for couple of hours with no luck.. such a common device should have a better official support!

    anyway, tnx again naturalprogression

  8. matt said

    Cheers!! Been looking all over for a solution to this and I’ve finally found one!!!!

  9. Jamie Cook said

    Can’t get it to work for me. Kies Tools does not provide an option to install driver.

  10. I couldn’t get adb to detect my device with this tip (and it seems Kies 2.0.3 no longer has the Tools > Install Drivers menu).

    What worked for me was to restart the server:

    adb kill-server
    adb start-server

    Hope this helps:-)

    • DLG said

      Yes – the ‘kill’ commands were the final ticket. Thanks all for so much help. I only had to pull my hair out for a few hours, until i googled on the right words to find this gem.

    • Egr said

      Thanks a lot, this works for me at home, i hope it will work also at office!!

    • moonlight said

      OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! My kies also didnt have the install drivers in the menu, was giving up, hours working on this.. and you finally gave a 2 line solution. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!

  11. Nothing listed here works for me. The list of devices is empty while my galaxy s2 is connected via USB. 😦

  12. Gaurav Roy said

    Thanks it worked for me.
    Important to note that the device is not connected to the PC throughout the installation.

    Only after everything was done, I connected the device and it worked. New Kies does not have this option to manually install, but for me it installed the ADB driver automatically for Galaxy S2.

  13. tom said

    champion it worked!

  14. gheesu said

    Works great for my Samsung Galaxy S2!! Thanks a ton!!

  15. moonlight said

    Hmm my samsung kies on desktop doesnt seem to show Tools > Install Driver

    • JBartos said

      Kies as of October 2011 does not have menu command “Tools > Install Driver” available. Though, it is possible to use “Tools > Troubleshoot connection error” to force drivers reinstall. Following procedure worked for me (WinXP Prof SP3 32-bit):

      1) I disconnected the phone.
      2) I removed all drivers related to phone with use of USBDeview
      3) I installed Kies
      4) I loaded Kies
      5) I selected “Tools > Troubleshoot connection error” and waited, operation took several minutes
      6) I connected phone in MTP mode (USB Debug mode was off). Some drivers installed automatically.
      7) I disconnected phone and reconnected it with USB Debug mode on. More drivers installed automatically (including Samsung Android ADB Interface)
      8) I restarted the computer.

      It seems it is vital not to plug the phone in until Kies installation is finished.

  16. Vinícius said

    Thanks for your help dude!

  17. someone said

    Thanks for your tutorial and also all the useful comments down there! i finally got it working too 🙂

  18. Sam said


    I’d been struggling with that for quite sometime now.

  19. warren said

    10x a lot for your help :). You saved me a lot of time

  20. Jay Devil said

    Didn’t work for Windows 7 64 bit, but I found a complete guide that worked perfectly for me!

  21. Rita said

    It worked fine on my PC which runs Windows 7 64-bit. Thanks heaps!

  22. Alver said

    Don’t forget to make sure your device has USB Debugging enabled [oops…] (Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging). Then connect USB. Then do the kill-server, start-server bit as above. Works fine for me.

  23. Benjamin Swalens said

    Thanks for the effort in putting this online. Nice to see it helped so many people.

    The ‘kies’-thing didn’t really work for me, seemed I also had no tools option.

    Is it allowed to post the link that did help me? If so, here goes, …

  24. Jorge said

    Great, worked (after some trials) for me! I think the difference is that Kies now installs the drivers automatically at the beginning. I also had to do the server-kill server-start trick, though…

  25. deified said

    thank you so much. this solved my adb problem. a tip for those who are struggling with it. when uninstalling the drivers sort it by date and uninstall all of the drivers for that day, considering you didn’t install any other hardware

  26. jsinlives said

    I have a Galaxy s2 with some pictures on it that i really need to get off it. The screen and digitizer are broken. Does anyone know of any way to turn usb debugging mode on or access the files without using the phones screen? Like mirroring or using an alternate video and input source to navigate the phone.

  27. Sergey said

    Thank YOU!!!!!!

  28. Mike H said

    Thank you! Fixed it for me! Samsung Galaxy 2 (SAMSUNG-SGH-I727) Android V 2.3.6

    You Rock!

  29. Michael Phoenix said

    This does not work for me. Kies installs the drivers or appears to, but adb still does not recognize that a device is attached. VERY FRUSTRATING! Do not see anything about an adb driver under device manager.

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