New Forest Marathon Vs Ibuprofen

July 25, 2011

Not far into my New Forest Marathon training and I’ve hit a slight problem, in that I’ve gone and sprained my left ankle. A simple Sunday evening job in the garden turned into a visit to A&E in the early hours of Sunday morning (Recommended time to go by the way – I was the only one there!).

I was sure I had broken my ankle – I turned on the ball of my left foot, managing to find a ditch in our lawn, lost my balance and rolled my foot inwards, putting my whole weight on my twisted ankle – I heard and felt a definite ‘snap’ as I went down. The pain wasn’t terrible afterwards, but was much much worse when I woke at 2am this morning – Hence the visit to A&E to check it wasn’t broken.

So – What next? 2 weeks rest minimum, then back to gentle running – Although I may be tempted to try earlier that this – If there is no pain after a week, I’ll try some skipping, then move onto a short (1-2 miles) run.

There is still a small possibility that I can get Marathon fit by 25th September – Its going to take some intense training, to the point of having to sacrifice even more time normally spent doing other stuff.


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