Raspberry Pi – OpenElec XMBC Wireless

January 23, 2013

After much (fruitless) searching and reading trying to find a wireless adapter that works with Raspberry Pi (Specifically, one that works with Raspberry Pi running OpenElec XMBC) I decided to chance it a little and went for one I found on eBay that was reported to work with Raspberry Pi, but did not specify OpenElec XMBC.

Happy to say I plugged it it, configured the Wireless and it works!

I have included a photo of the one I am using below.

I am running OopenElec XMBC 12.0-RC3 Git:c47e925 released 03/01/2013

The WIFI adapters chipset is a Realtek 8188CU

Worth mentioning that many articles I read suggested that the SSID must be broadcast and not have spaces in it to work – Neither of these applied to me before I started, but something worth trying perhaps if you have problems.



2 Responses to “Raspberry Pi – OpenElec XMBC Wireless”

  1. Dave Parkinson said

    Thanks. I too have spent a couple of days looking for one that might work. Can you please specify the make and the ebay vendor?

    • Hi, if you search ebay for raspberry pi wifi you should see listings with a photo as per the one above. Just check with the vendor its the same chipset, also check your OpenElec version is the same as mine, although I expect later versions will also work. Good luck.

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