Arduino Hello World

October 22, 2012

I’m sat here looking at the mess on my usually tidy desk, comprised of LEDs, jumper wires, resistors and other such stuff…To be honest, I feel like MacGuyver right now!

I’ve completed the first two tutorials for my new Arduino Uno setup – Which came packaged as the Spark Fun Inventors Kit – So far, so good – I would highly recommend this kit – It comes with all sorts of goodies, including a 37 page manual – potentially the most useful item in the kit.

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2-3 hours in, I have learnt how an LED works, what a resistor does, what an IC is, as well as learning what current means vs voltage and resistance and of course OHM’s law.

My second project is running happily along side me – 8 LEDs lighting on and off in sequence…Knight Rider style! I’ve got a few ideas brewing for projects, including one for halloween, and a pretty cool idea for Christmas too!

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